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Re: Marvel planning Guardians of the Galaxy movie!

Really? You're comparing Sam Jackson, who has had to do a lot of action in some movies, to the 66 year old woman who, just from a glance, is not the kind of actress who does many action movies? Thats like saying Jim Carey should play a serious FDR, or Sylvester Stallone should play Hamlet. Some roles aren't for certain actors, and i'll say right now that the 66 year old woman who is not an action star by any stretch is not the kind of person you'd hire to play an action role. Like I said, I can see a few situations where it might work, but not all actors/actresses can do everything, and sometimes it is a matter of age, and not everyone makes sense for every role. Glenn Close as an active, fighting, member of the Nova Corps is up there with the other examples I mentioned as roles actors just don't make sense for. Make her the wise old leader, it would be fine, but she's not an action star and doesn't seem to have too much experience with that stuff.
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