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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

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Wow! is that figure of $7m for Friday in China correct? $7 million just on one day.

Paramount are going to be over the moon - clearly China is going to be as big a market as the US in the future.

$7 million in one day (shakes head). Does anyone have any predictions for the total China gross? Surely it's gotta be $50 million +

Hopefully the final figures are saved by the rest of the world. If it can top out with anything higher than $400 million then that is a big success.

I actually think that they should have called it Star Trek into the Light, or Star Trek out of darkness or for a bit of cheesy fun:

Maybe the next one should be:

Star Trek to strange, new worlds
I think so, yes. According to: This Post on

It made 42m Chinese Yuan which is $6.84m dollars and that same poster believes Star Trek will get to over $50m in China.

If you use google chrome you can translate this page: which is a China IMDB like website and the natives have rated it 8.4/10 which is higher than Iron Man 3 @ 7.7/10 so it seems to be going down quite well.

China will be the biggest box office market in a decade and I suspect many co-productions and many more Chinese-centric movies will be the result. For example, a future Star Trek movie might choose to centre an Earthbound story on Shanghai instead of San Francisco etc..
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