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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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I began warming up to the nuEnterprise thanks to ID. She is earning my respect. When she popped up from her death-dive I felt my heart swell for her in a way it never has for this design before. Damn you JJ!
It felt like this Enterprise had earned her stripes in this film. She earned being labeled 'NCC-1701'.
I agree

Dr. Who introduced the idea of concrete being on a spaceship--which may have inspired JJ and his set look (easier actual locations, I know)

Well, maybe there is something to that:

Now to me, the idea of ships being skyscrapers in space is something I hadn't thought of before, with concrete and framing being used then towed--less shipyard, and more World Trade Center.

That seems to fit the Babylon 5 ethos more to me. I can see the Omega class more like that.

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