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If you are going to use elements from the prime reality, at least get the elements right. Khan was a Sikh. He governed a region of territory in either Africa or Asia. Instead, we get a Caucasian. This s**t was tolerable in the past; it's less so now. And, now, if the info is correct, we have another date point for the Eugenics War, these wars occurred in the 1950s. (300 years before 2259.)
Remarkably, I'm not giving a damn about this. Despite Khan being one of my faves from the old show and movies, I won't be judging this movie on how closely it follows them.

It's not as if, for example, the character was ever credibly portrayed as a Sikh anyway.
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^ That actually makes a bit of sense, since Khan was never particularly religious anyway. So they really couldn't portray him as an authentic Sikh, because Khan doesn't care about anything but power. His name may be Sikh-derived, but that's it. He doesn't observe any Sikh traditions that we're aware of. In fact he seems to go out of his way to avoid them.
He has the long hair (minus the turban, which all male Sikhs must wear as a covenant of their faith) and in the novels written by Greg Cox, he's based in Amritsar and dresses like one. So yeah, he's most likely still ethnically Indian, but it's obvious (to me at least) that he had plastic surgery, since he's still a wanted war criminal.

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Anybody else thinking that Khan is still alive so he can come back in 15 years to unleash his wrath on Kirk?
He still is, but he's probably frozen, and about to be placed on a robot ship and sent to a distant planet (along with his 'family') so that he can live in peace away from the rest of humanity, hopefully. Just like at the end of 'Space Seed'.
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