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Re: STAR TREK: a series treatment starring APRIL and COLT

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it amazes me that i must say so...

but there is little need to be rude or antagonistic here...
I agree. I was just trying to get clarification. Since I haven't seen Farscape, however, the answer went over my head.

i'm not trying to be anyone's Braga
Gee, I hope not. I'm not a huge fan of his.
neither am i, in the slightest.

it's similar to the 80's show Benson in some sense.

Benson was the chief of staff to a state Governor, and the show was dealt with the humor of bureaucracies and insider politics.

i've also heard the presentation type compared to The Office, though i can't vouch for that.

i think it's Gaius Baltar humor from BSG, if anything.

dry/intelligent/witty. and not every line is humor/joke (or on laughtrack timing)
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