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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

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Well lets set the target at $230m. Anything more than that is excellent but overall it is definitely a disappointment. It's a good job overseas has improved enough to more than make up for the North American markets' poor showing.

I think creatively they should do it different next time and try to come across as more of a fun adventure rather than dealing with the darkness of war, conspiracy and terrorism. Doing that may bring in more families that might have been put off by the darkness this time round. More of the Nibiru type stuff rather than someone murdering people at a meeting and making a father kill himself and others etc etc. IMO
Agreed. The funny thing is, -no pun intended-, that there IS a lot of fun adventure in this film! Raiders Of The Lost Ark also had dark themes and images, but you're right, there was never an emphasis on that in the marketing. Raiders was presented as a big, wild, fun thrill ride, but one could definatley make a very scary, eerie, DARK trailer of Raiders. And I think that's what happened to STID... Maybe JJ/ Paramount/ whoever thought that capitalizing on the success of The Dark Knight would be the best way to go marketing wise, but I think it really backfired.

Man, that first teaser poster... I thought it was cool, I still think it is... But it's a guy standing in a destroyed city, burning in flames... And that darn title... In a way, it's such a cool title, but after seeing the film, it doesn't fit at all... There was probably a much better, catchier title out there...
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