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Re: Marvel planning Guardians of the Galaxy movie!

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Fair enough--I won't badger you about it. But I would say, sometimes you'd be surprised what you like if you step out of your comfort zone.

I step out of my comfort zone sometimes, and it can work out (like watching Memento and inception and liking both) but I draw the line at an 80's "psychological" thriller about an obsessed woman that look like a stupid "chick flick".

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That's just fantastic news; between Gillan and Glenn Close my interest is so much higher.
I agree. Which I think just proves even more that studios are stupid for not making a single female super hero movie in a decade. I guess they are still scared after the Catwoman mess.
And Elektra and going back Supergirl, must be others I'm forgetting. I think the studios just can't process woman + superhero into their formula machine. One only need look at Underworld and Resident Evil and the like to see it can work. Something about superheroes seems to trip them up.
I'm all for female Superhero movies. I'd like to see heroines like Ms. Marvel, Wonder Woman or She-Hulk get a movie. That said, they should not look at Resident Evil. Resident Evil shouldn't be looked at as a positive example of anything, except maybe how bad movies can keep making money and sequels years after they had any hope of not being horrible.

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If they cast Clint Eastwood or Michael Cain as the head of the Nova corps, I would have said weird old man. I have nothing against Glenn Close. Looking at her work on wikipedia, I've only seen her on Mars attack, and heard her voice on the animated Tarzan and some episodes of the Simpson's, and neither really gave me an opnion on her. Having an almost 70 year old woman as the leader of the Nova corps was mostly why I said they hired a weird old woman. She doesn't fit at all, and it is really stupid casting. It has nothing to do with her personally. She could be a great actor (she'd have to be brain dead to be worst than Bautista and Saldana regardless) its just that her role makes absolutely no sense.

Nothing against her and you call her a weird old woman? What would you have called her if you did have something against her?

Given that she's played a strong police captain who was able to boss Vic Mackey about in The Shield, the Vice-President of the USA (to Harrison Ford's POTUS in Air Force One) as well as the First Lady in Mars Attacks, a bad-ass lawyer in Damages, a chief justice in The West Wing, Eleanor of Aquitaine in The Lion in Winter, Cruella DeVille, not to mention the many other authoritative and commanding woman in her career and her role as one of the all-time greatest screen villainesses in Fatal Attraction, I think she is more than qualified for this role.

Qualified? To play a space cop whose supposed to be able to kick ass? The woman looks fit for her age, and I could see her playing an old WW2 Marvel hero in modern times. Maybe have the Invaders be revealed as secret allies of captain America from WWII and make her an old Spitfire, or maybe she could be Ms. America and be from a secret superhero SHIELD team from back in the day and have her in modern times helping the avengers or something. You could even have her retain powers and kick ass, and I could accept that role.

My thoughts on her in this are assuming that she'll be in a Nova corps costume hitting people, and that would be stupid. But, thinking about it, I guess she could work as a Nova corps leader if she was a ripoff of the Guardians from the green Lantern books, or the leaders of the star sapphires. An old alien who has never done any realy field work (or maybe a former field agent, now bound to a metephorical desk), but who is wise and leads the corps. If that turns out to be the case, I'd say she would probably be a good choice. I just can't get the image out of my head of her flying around like Richard Rider, but I'll admit I didn't think of her as being in a wise, non fighting, leader role and that could work out well.

Also, once again, the weird old woman was just in context of the role, it was not meant as any kind of shot against an actress I've barely seen.
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