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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Hi everyone! Iím 27 bookkeeper on railway org. I live in Ukraine. Here and in Russia we can see Star Trek not so often as we wish, so we try to collect it anyway itís possible. At 2002 one of our TV channels show us TNG, only two seasons. Before that event I saw ST movies and read some ST books. I was found of Mr. Spock, but when I saw #1 Riker, I understand, that something changes in my life. Especially after Shades of Grey. That happens, that I saw it in shorter version, so I just saw Rikerís behavior and his struggle with death (angry emotions mostly). It impress me so much, help me to realize many things. . .
From that time I was 100% Rikerís fan (after Last Outpost I notice him, but not so much to fond of).
By now I have and saw all TNG and all other ST series, but still love Riker and feel deep respect to Jonathan Frakes. I even make my own site to tell everybody of him on Russian.

About TNG. I like it more from the others series Ďcos relationships onboard and between different nations are look adorable and I think that itís the world I want to live inÖ
Lots of social calls, as they say, and I like it (friendship, loyalty, humanism). I also like balance between characters, their development. Picard are the great captain and Will the best # 1!!!

PS. Sorry for my poor English
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