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Re: New Treknology Into Darkness

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Are you being serious or facetious?
Lol - I'm never being that serious on these sites but the degree of space time distortion created even by massive objects such as a star doesn't really correlate to warp drive. TNG also showed us that subspace fractures can occur. It makes perfect sense that standard practice would be not to do that near a planetary system even if they thought there was minimal risk.

As for Scotty - if you kill somebody's dog is that not considered a crime where you come from?

The weird thing is that I can watch Star Wars and have no problem believing that the Millennium Falcon can take off easily. I think it's just because Enterprise just looks like it was never designed to land and had never (previously) landed and we were led to believe that these ships were constructed in space that led to the changes being so jarring. I thought it was cool that these hulking great ships were designed to operate in space. They feel somehow less credible to me now.

P.S. Scotty also abused tribbles.
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