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Re: New Treknology Into Darkness

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Frankly, I have no idea where you are coming from. This "much energy" can be fairly easily quantified, but it barely registers on the scale of the other, well-confirmed starship achievements. We don't know how much energy warp or teleportation consumes (because obviously they consume nowhere near what today's physics would suggest, so different physics are at play), but whatever the figures, our heroes can ignore them in everyday operations as inconsequential. We do know how much energy it should take to accelerate these starships from planet to planet, or across dialogue-specified distances, and this puts mere puttering out of a Class M planet's gravity well to complete shame.

It's also a matter of thrust. A starship can demonstrably do minimum acceleration, including one gee, for days at an end. There is nothing to stop her from doing that to lift off a planet, except perhaps ground blast damage - but we never hear of any blast associated with starship acceleration, so that point is moot.
But that is exactly where I am coming from. Those 'well-confirmed starship achievements' involved massive power usage and TMP had it right - you should not really be warping space inside a solar system if you can avoid it (despite them doing it multiple times in the shows - it makes sense that it isn't smart because - well, you are warping space).

For example - look at the shockwave that rattled peoples houses in Russia when that meteor hit. Look at the terror of the family in their car about a mile away when a fuel silo went up. Just because Bruce Willis, Tom Cruise, and the Joker can ignore the massive shockwave from gigantic explosions for the sake of story convenience doesn't mean I shouldn't think it's silly. The same hold true for Trek. Or at least, that's my preference. I preferred it when they had energy limitations, when resources couldn't be resolved with the push of a button on a replicator, and when power consumption and fuel consumption has consequences.

It is a personal preference. Maybe it's born out of the frustration of our modern throwaway society. I don't like magical technology much because we pretend there's no cost, no side effects, etc. I'd rather the tech had warts and all. It clearly doesn't bother the writers and if it doesn't bother you then groovy but it does bug me a bit.
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