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Re: "The Alternative Factor" - Why is it so universally hated?

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It is very jumbled and that's the problem I believe(too many different ideas)... The part i like is the 2 characters bouncing in and out on each others dimensions.
Hmm, the "bouncing in and out" part wasn't all that effective... but I suppose there could be the seed of a story in the idea of someone so enraged by the discovery that a parallel self or selves existed that he would be obsessed with destroying them. There you've got a story that's fundamentally driven by character rather than a pseudoscience gimmick, and that touches on philosophical questions of identity and uniqueness. Although later Trek did something similar in Nemesis, where Shinzon despised being a clone of Picard and wanted to destroy Picard (and wipe out his legacy by destroying Earth) so that he would no longer be in another man's shadow. Then there's the Jet Li movie The One, about a guy trying to kill all his alternate-universe doubles, but that was for a more pragmatic reason (he gained their power when they died) rather than being driven mad by the very knowledge of their existence.
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