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Re: How many Star Trek games have been good?

TheSubCommander wrote: View Post
I so wish there was a stand alone RPG like Star Trek online, because the graphics look pretty nice, but I just don't do MMORPGs.

A Final Unity was pretty fun and it really did feel like a TNG episode more than a game, but I never really played other Star Trek games because the reviews really scared me off. I wish more games were made like A Final Unity, only with better graphics.
I really liked A Final Unity, and I agree about the MMO comment. Only MMORPG I have played was Star Wars Galaxies (from the day after launch until the dreaded NGE hit) but in a lot of ways I thought Galaxies would have made for a great Trek game. Especially how the game was early on, sandbox, huge worlds to explore, lots of professions to experiment with etc.
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