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Re: Babylon 5 - Why 'Sinclair' left the show

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I have to admit, when I just saw the thread title, and not the OP's name, I did an eye roll and thought, "Not this again." I was not expecting this.

Thanks, Jan, for sharing that. Too often we're inundated by celebrities that use and abuse their fame (Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes, etc.), and of course, all the stories people have of sci-fi actors, who, when people meet them are rude, etc.

I never much cared why Michael O'Hare left the show, save I always knew it wasn't because of his ability as an actor. I fully believe he played Sinclair the way JMS wanted, and that the so-called "woodenness" of his acting, was a choice, considering who Sinclair is and what he went through.

This story speaks to courage, trust, and friendship. It also speaks to what made Babylon 5 so great, it had a creator who, while focused on the product, was also concerned with those who were behind it.
Now that I know, I'm even more saddened than I was before-what happened to him sounded like what really happened to Edward Platt (the 'Chief' on Get Smart) and what we now know was the real reason for George Reeves committing suicide that nobody but his co-star Jack Larson could face-he was depressed.

And yet, I'm relieved about this revelation, as we all now know the actual truth, and don't just believe that it was typical actor bullcrap on his part. Thank you, Jan and Mike.

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On the other hand, I wouldn't have thought my opinion of Doyle could go much lower, but it has.
Yea, he did great playing Garibaldi, but, it seems Bester's paranoia conditioning may have had lasting effects on Jerry Doyle's psyche.
More like neocon paranoia at the USA not being what he wants it to be and also not having his career go the way it should, I'd say.

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