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I like the look of the reimagined Gorn a lot. As much as the ENT/TOS Gorn has its charms, the video game Gorn look far more lethal.

I haven't played the game but I'm wondering if the new origin for the Gorn was something that happened recently or centuries ago? I mean if they came to the Alpha Quadrant centuries ago I think it might work better than saying it was something recent. Then again, even if they came recently, it could just be something we hadn't heard about. I mean, it's not like the Abrams Trek movies covered a lot of time or went into detail about intergalactic politics. And if they kept that new origin for the original series, perhaps the Gorn were tangling with other species or powers before "Arena" and that's why they weren't mentioned.

Is there any good place on the net to find information about the new Gorn? I also would like to see more of the different castes and ships and weapons.
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