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Re: If STID was a SNW submission... (SPOILERS)

JD wrote: View Post
I kind of look at it as a Batman/Joker or Superman/Lex Luthor kind of thing hero/nemesis things since a lot of people seem to consider him Kirk's main nemesis.
Personally, I've never considered Khan to be Kirk's arch nemesis like the Joker is Batman's. Ask Average Joe on the Street who Captain Kirk's enemy is, and he's more likely to say "them Klingon dudes" than he is "Khan."

King Daniel Into Darkness wrote: View Post
I don't know about a Strange New Worlds version of Into Darkness, but if Pocket Books published Myriad Universes: Khan, I would definitely buy it. Just imagine the possibilities!
The first Myriad Universes anthology does feature a story in which Khan does win the Eugenics Wars and looks at how the 24th century of that timeline turned out.
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