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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Okay My turn!
I'm a twenty three year old Norwegian, I work for a municipal as an IT consultent for end user equipment, which basicly means I make sure the computers themselves work and don't really have much to do with the network unless there is a large workload there.
I have a cute lil' son called Markus, he's a year and three months now.... a lovely being filled with love, who has made all the warnings of parenthood false
Oh, and then there's the wife but let's not get into that ...hehe...

I started watching TNG back when it was on TVNorge but it only ran for three seasons so in other words it stopped when it was getting good!
I spent most of my youth running around in an ADHD daze which involved a lot of... let's just say illegal activity but now'a days I'm a happy family man, completely assimilated into society....oh wait, no I'm not!
so, anyho, HI!

Spider1: That's my list too!! but I have to say it looks really cramped at you work with all the wires and stuff
(warning, many more dry jokes will follow this one!)
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