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Re: "Year of Hell" Question

It was a therapeutic program.

BY design it was supposed to root into Riker's mind by allowing the bearded twit the opportunity to root celebrities, in the brain. He was asking the questions he wanted to ask himself and then comparing those answers to his own and allotting who was falling short, and who won, himself or the light bulbs.

The only way that "Those were the Voyages" makes any sense is if Archer and Tucker were frakking.

Although the lesson Dee wanted her scruffy monkey to get out o this, even though she didn't know the complete facts is that John fucking Locke (You love Lost so much don't you?) is an asshole you should not die for friviously and pointlessly for.

Denna probably stacked the deck so that Riker had to grow a set and stick a foot up Pressman's ass.

Screw whatever really happened.

The real winner here today is psychology!
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