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In TWOK, Kirk and Khan never even meet in person, even though Kirk is the hero and Khan is the villain. That left the audience totally confused. Bad film.
A missed opportunity...and I'm saying did STID do it RIGHT...making Khan more fierce as well as meeting Kirk in person. Khan even uses Kirk as a means to an end in STID...but then viciously attacks him. It feels like the movie one upped TWOK.
I know it's the in-thing at the moment to shit on old Trek but I can't agree that STID ups TWOK by introducing movie cliches and removing the element that made TWOK unique.

The villain and the hero meeting up for traditional fisticuffs is bordering on the cliche these days, as is the villain 'using' the heroes (see The Dark Knight, The Avengers, Skyfall...)

TWOK would not nearly be so highly regarded if they all beamed down to a planet somewhere and had a punch up.
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