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Re: "The Alternative Factor" - Why is it so universally hated?

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Confusion, I was confused when I first saw TAF at the age of 10

Every time I have viewed it since, I am now 52, most recently a few weeks ago, I am still confused

Two Lazarii, both barking mad, both at large on the ship, inane fight scenes, drunken man stumblings from not very high cliffs for no apparent reason, not once but twice.

Then a silly wee ship that supposedly travels through time and alternative versions of space.

An actor who was plainly shit, Brown, a regular cast who were not too enamoured with a shit script.

"And what of Lazarus ?"

And what...............

Not in the same league of casual badness as "A Piece of the Action" for example, but bad enough.
You pretty much echo my sentiment. When I saw other TOS episodes as a kid, I got them with rarely any confusion. But this one left me confused and disappointed. The imagery with that "place where the two universes meet" was stupid, not to mention how Lazarus mysteriously just teleports there without warning. How does he get dragged in there anyway? And if he's a time traveler, why doesn't he travel back to the point before the accident happened and the two Lazaruses meet? Then there's that ship. While somewhat cool, it's a half-baked pod that doesn't look at all capable of space travel. And why would two dilithium crystals be set opposite each other that would then send whoever crosses it into the alternate universe? It made no design sense whatsoever. It looked jury-rigged due to insufficient time to think it through. And the other thing... there didn't look to be any kind of sensible door possible for that thing, given the arc in the bubble and the gap in the body.

The only thing I liked about it were the two new engineering extras, who Lazarus duped in order to get the crystals. They seemed like decent actors who could've been recurring extras like Eddie Paskey or William Blackburn.
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