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Re: Amazon and legal fan-fiction

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On the flip side it could potentially get a lot more authors and material out there, when they might not ordinarily be able to sell it.

My main question is... who's going to spend any money on fanfiction when by it's very nature you can find it free in any number of outlets and easily get it onto a kindle if that's what you want?
That was my first thought as well.

In a worst case scenario, copyright holders could decide that fan fiction is another lucrative income stream and therefore attempt to aggressively shut down unauthorized fan fiction in order to capitalized on it.

The good news for fan fiction writers and readers of course is that any such previous efforts by say the music or movie industry have not been all that successful.

And fan fiction writer's getting paid for their work could lead to an overall improvement of the quality of fan fiction available. It could of course also be the death knell to niche genres and stories.

Either way I'm curious to see how this develops.
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