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Re: Karen Gillan cast as one of the leads in Guardians Of The Galaxy

Emh wrote: View Post
I had very little interest in the film because I barely even heard of the characters, let alone ever reading any of their stories.
Really? I'm a bit tired of seeing big-budget versions of comic book stories I read as a kid, to be honest. I'd rather see something new, or in this case, something new to me.

Samurai8472 wrote: View Post
Everyone is at different stages but yeah his little semi independent movie is miniscule
I don't think it has anything to do with people "being at different stages", because that would imply that every actor's dream, every actor's motivation is to "make it big", to become popular and to star in summer blockbusters. In my experience, this is patently false and I find it quite alarming that so many people can't imagine that anyone would be motivated by anything else than fame and money. I think most actors are into their line of work because they enjoy acting and want to play a wide variety of roles and be challenged in their craft. Yes, they want to make a living, but I'd say that most of them would pick Matt Smith's "minuscule" movie over Karen Gillan's popcorn flick.
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