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I've never seen CSI. I know it's some sort of crime drama but I've had no desire to watch it. From what I've heard the science on it is about as far removed from reality as Star Trek's is though. That's about all I know of it.

No, I don't need things spoon fed. What I do like is seeing characters act in a way that's consistent with what we've seen of them previously. If Kirk suddenly wasn't interested in women, acting shy and withdrawn around them in STID you'd wonder what had happened since the first film.

In the fight that Spock and Uhura have on the way to Quo'Nos we find out more about their relationship and why Spock is acting as he is. Why bother having that scene if not to explain his behaviour and how it's impacting their relationship? I would have liked to see something similar to explain whey Spock was so gung ho to Take out Nero but is suddenly getting all high and mighty about the necessity of bringing Harrison back for a trail. Spcok's action at the end of the last movie was a pivotal scene. When something thematically similar came up in this one it would have been nice to see just why he's suddenly pulled a 180 from his previous position. You're perfectly welcome to ignore or speculate on it as you like.
You've interpreted things one way and I've interpreted them another way.
You think of Spock as a crazy murdering hypocritical idiot and I've thought of Spock as taking his commission seriously and realising that Nero is mad and will keep on doing what he's doing no matter what. He doesn't have the luxury of giving Nero mercy, he has the responsibilty to stop him.
In the second instance, Khan has not revealed himself to be a planet destroying crazy yet. When he did realise this he attempted to stop him to the best of his ability by blowing up the torpedoes after they had been transported to the Vengeance. Perhaps Spock was also a murderer in that case. Perhaps he should have shown mercy to Khan again and given him one more chance to blow them up, take out the Enterprise and have control of a supership.

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