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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

Voyager had a few flaws but it was nonetheless a great series.
-characters were in a new predicament (stranded)
-Janeway: very awesome captain (2nd only to the Sisko)
-just plain "Star Trek" goodness and wholesomeness
-I like how they moved to distict portions of the Delta quadrant throughout the series
-eventually they dropped the borg children off

-the bad episodes were REEEEEEEEEALLY bad
-Overuse of 7, elimination of Kes, return of Kes and (shudder) the borg children
-(continued shudder) the borg children
Mostly agree, except on Janeway and Sisko. Not saying I didn't like her, just saying my favs are Kirk and Picard.

I have to agree with you on too much emphasis on Seven and Doctor. Liked both, but became too lopsided by season 7, which is my least favorite season, overall. I liked seeing Seven and/or Doctor-centric episodes, but not almost every week.

Also agree Kes should not have been booted off completely. I think there was room for Kes to be a recurring character, sort of like a "caretaker in training" where we get to see how she has progressed since leaving voyager on each visit...sort of like Q. And I would have liked to see Kes having something to do with Voyager getting past the Borg and getting home. It was sad to see no Kes at all in the finale.

The lack of continuity really screwed up VOY, I think. Given their situation, you could have had just about every crewmember named and given a duty station, to be brought out and used when needed, but instead all they did was give us more of the Seven and Doctor Show.

Such a shame really.
There was continuity and there were references to past events, but if you mean lack long story arcs and lack of serial feel, I agree. Too many episodes were too self contained, IMHO. THat is where DS9 succeeded and where VOY could have been better.

I think VOY had great characters overall, yes I even think unpopular ones like Chakotay and Kim were alright, just that other than Janeway, Doctor, and Seven, the characters were often underutilized or could have been written better.
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