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Re: Star Trek III - The [Speculation Begins] (Spoilers)

Give Khan a rest for now. He deserves one.

A Borg plot would be wretched, mostly because bringing chaos to order on the Kathy level should take Kirk about a single episode at most. Why waste a whole movie on that? Thatís not a jab at Janeway, btw.

If they had to go Borg, I think Iíd want the next film to end with the Enterprise lost in space. That way, they could pick up Christine somewhere along the way and maybe a Medusan, too, to help our crew find their way home for Star Trek 14, a show, a cartoon, a song and a dance, whatever. Just keep bringing on the Trek.

At any time or place in my book, the Klingons are always cool and most welcome, as are Romulans. Iím also into a non-villain scheme. I crave only the telling of an original story with a rich Trek flavor.

Also, nuDavid must be spawned. So Kirk/Carol for as long as thatís needed, but a long-term monogamous Kirk would be too astonishing, jarring, and farfetched for my tastes. The Wrath of Carol Marcus sounds a bit catchy as far as titles go. However, I fear the aspect of the Trek as ďa guy thingĒ could be ruinously queered if such a route is taken. We canít have that.

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