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Re: Favourite bridge and interiors

I do have some favourite Starfleet designs as well, so I might as well rank them too.

Bridge - Enterprise-D (Generations-style)
Shame it didn't always look like that.

Cockpit - Runabout
Just love that little ship.

Conference Room - Enterprise-E
I like their little ships.

Engineering - Voyager
Actually looks like a proper engineering space, lots of consoles and space stuff everywhere.

Lounge/Mess Hall - Defiant
Practical and neat, without the need for a really annoying cook.

Quarters - Voyager
Actually pretty decent sized rooms given the size of the ship.

Ready Room - Enterprise-D
A cosy little office for the Captain, not like the massive room Janeway had.

Science Lab - Stellar Cartography (Enterprise-D)
Such a cool room and idea, shame we only saw it once.

Sickbay - Enterprise (TWOK-style)
A proper large medical ward that can handle more than just a handful of patients at a time.

Transporter Room - Enterprise-A (TUC-style)
A good sized room for meeting the Klingon Chancellor, plus I like how the operator sits in their own little booth.
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