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Re: If STID was a SNW submission... (SPOILERS)

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f you insist, then OK, Into Darkness doesn't retread those episodes. But they ARE retreading Khan.
I thought they did new and interesting things with Khan. I don't recall Khan doing in "Space Seed" and Wrath of Khan anything like what he does in Into Darkness. Not really a retread at all.
Yeah, other than the basic backstory for Khan it was a totally different take on the character.
I know some people are mad that they used him as the villain, but I kind of look at it as a Batman/Joker or Superman/Lex Luthor kind of thing hero/nemesis things since a lot of people seem to consider him Kirk's main nemesis. So it makes since to me that we'd get a new version of Khan to go along with a new version of Kirk. Just like we get new versions of Luthor and the Joker to go along with new versions of Batman and Superman.
As for the misspelling thing, I apologize, I didn't realize it was such a horrible thing to do. I'll try very hard not to do it again.
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