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Re: River Song Day!

Allyn Gibson wrote: View Post
Have someone other than Steven Moffat write her, in a non-timey-wimey, routine adventure. Maybe a companion-lite episode, where Clara (or her successor) has gone to study graphology, and the Doctor and River run into each other not by choice but by chance. She didn't try to draw his attention, he's just there. It could be a bit "Captain's Holiday," come to think of it. (Oh, damn, I didn't realize until now that River Song equals Vash.) Let the audience see River in a "normal" setting so they can see how she functions when she's not a walking plot point, and I think the response to the character would be different. However, like I said, it's probably far too late for that.

I quite like River Song in all of her appearances (but I'm also not surprised that there are a lot of people who hate her) and I have to say I really like this idea. Granted part of her appeal is the mystery of character's history and that's almost entirely gone, but as you said, a large reason why she's so great is Alex Kingston's performance. It would be very nice to have her have a regular, "simple" adventure with The Doctor.
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