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Re: Favourite bridge and interiors

Favorite bridge:
1. Enterprise TMP-TSFS
2. Enterprise E
3. Enterprise A from TUC
4. NX01 Enterprsie

Favorite corridors:
Voyager/Enterprise-D/TMP Enterprsie all tie: pretty much the same thing, just slightly redressed

Favorite engine room:
1.TWOK Enterprise
2. TOS Enterprise
3. Voyager
4. NX01 Enterprise

Favorite sickbay:
1. Voyager
2. Enterprise-D
3. TMP Enterprise
4. TOS Enterprise

Favorite ready room:
1. Enterprise-D (Picard's fish does it for me)
2. Enterprise E
3. Voyager

Favorite conference room:
1. The Enterprise-E's from Star Trek X
2. Enterprise D
3. FF Enterprise-A with the captain's wheel
4. Voyager

Favorite living quarters:
1. Enterprise D
2. Enterprise E
3. Voyager
4. TOS Enterprise

Favorite Captain's chair:
1. TOS Enterprise
2. TWOK Enterprise
3. Enterprise NXO1
3. Defiant

Good Question and it made me think. I had to think if I were stationed on the ship, which one I would want to actually be on. Now I was shocked to find that for the most part, I kept going back to mostly the same 4 ships. I was further shocked to find that, while I found Voyager to be a little boring externally, I actually liked a lot of its sets.
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