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Re: Why Janeway is the Worst Star Trek Captain!

Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
But you....etc, etc, etc.

I have answered your stream of consciousness posts again and again. No more until you give me SOMEONE who supports your fanciful position.

Among the sources I've given you to support my position is The New York Times, Kate Mulgrew, the star of the series, and Rick Burman, the executive producer.

What you've given me is your, and only your, fantastical interpretation of the ratings with which no one else agrees.

If you have not built your argument on thin air, prove it by giving me ONE newspaper, actor on the show, producer, or anyone except yourself that agrees with your view:
Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
It's not clear that she brought new fans to the show.
You are the only one on planet Earth to say that Jeri Ryan did not boost Voyager's ratings.
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