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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

I'm 28, my name is Jon and i'm from the good ol' United of Kindoms. This is the place with all the history - castles etc.

Got into TOS as a nipper (Devil in the dark scared the hell out of me - also that episode where they all get turned into cubes and the yeoman gets crushed!)

Fell head over heels with Next Gen - to the point where i slowly assimilated the entire blank VHS collection in my house with Next Gen taped off BBC2. Nobody was allowed to tape anything else. I went mad when my mum taped Coronation street over the start of Star trek III - just after the bit where kirk enter spocks quarters and finds McCoy. She tried to blame it on the dog (it was a well trained dog but it couldnt use the VCR)...

I'll watch any episode of TNG, any time any place any where. Although I will go on record that although Next Gen is my favourite series overall - I think DS9 was the best Star Trek series out of the five (if you get what i mean).

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