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Re: "Fast and Furious 6" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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- And finally, a quick question… Any reason why O'Conner drives cars with the steering wheel on the right?
The only reason I can think of is that according to Dom's dialog the character is into the Japanese cars which dominated the original movie and not the Detroit Muscle cars brought in with Dom's father's Charger at the end and for the rest of the run.

Furious 6 meant nothing to me, I was wishing for The Furious 5 a few years back in homage to the pioneering Hip-Hop group. After seeing the credit sequence I wish they had already filmed the next installment like they did with Harry Potter or Lord Of The Rings. I what to see that more then the remaining films of this summer.

All told F&F has passed Olympus Has Fallen for my favorite action film of 2013 so far.
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