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Kirk does have conferences and does ask for opinions, BUT in the end, he usually makes his own decisions.
There are a couple TOS episodes that come to mind that are mostly tension over "what should we do?". Savage Curtain spends a lot of runtime with Kirk deciding whether to trust the simulated Lincoln. And the episode this most resembles, Where No Man Has Gone Before, is almost all hand-wringing on how to handle Gary Mitchell.

It's true that TNG took this much farther, though.

But remember - in "The Savage Curtain" Kirk went AGAINST the consensus of his senior staff - they were all against further contact, which lead to his "Risk is our business" speech.
Again, that's my point - it's not the conference scenes I objected to as 'TNGish' per se - it was how the character of Kirk was written for those scenes; effectively not deciding until his senior staff had come to a consensus. <--- That (IMO) wasn't TOS era Kirk.

As for "Where No Man Has Gone Before" - the 'handwringing' of James Kirk wasn't deciding what to do - he KNEW what he had to/should do; but it was coming to grips with the fact he had to do it to a long and trusted friend; and he was desperately trying to find another solution - and only at the end did he come to grips with the fact that killing his old friend was the only way to save the ship, and its crew.
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