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Re: Why Janeway is the Worst Star Trek Captain!

But you agree that the ratings were going down?

The ratings were going down.

How were the ratings going down if some one was saving the show?

Maybe because no one saved the show?

You said earlier that you believe that Jeri brought in new fans only just slightly slower than Voyager was losing old fans. That the numbers Berman was getting from the Nielson Families was so precise that it could identify the departure of 2 million viewers only to be replaced by a different 1.5 million viewers?

Who on earth told you that?

Admit it.

No one did.

If the ratings got too low, some one is fired, if the ratings get still lower the show is cancelled. Enterprise was scoring less than 1 rating point when it was finally cancelled, Voyager started at 13, and consistently fell each week during season one till the final episode scored a 5.5, 6 years later he ratings hop scotching either side of 3 till the very end when there was a slight bump to 5.5.

Rating's = ad revenue.

Ratings is all that matters.

Artistic merit is not a factor.

Jake 2.0 was cancelled because a rerun of America's Next Top Model airing in it's timeslot during a skipweek got quadruple the ratings Jake 2.0 got.

(What's Jake 2.0?)

This is how I would know that Jeri "saved" the show...

The ratings tripled (which they did not) and everyone would have been asked to sign up for another 7 years on Voyager (which they were not) because the show was too profitable to junk (which it was not).

Most of the shows I like have shit ratings and they're cancelled.

I have funerals for old TV shows in my back yard where I bury old VHS cassette cases, in loving memory.
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