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Re: Why Janeway is the Worst Star Trek Captain!

Guy Gardener wrote:
Kate is just an actress. For a living this woman is paid to say things that are not true with conviction.

Someone told Kate the ratings went up. Then no one told her they went down....
All right, you are saying that Kate Mulgrew lied to us, or she was too stupid to know the ratings of her own show.

Myself, I think she is a savvy actress who knew exactly what was going on with her show. She gave Ryan credit for improving Voyager's ratings again in an interview given two years ago. I think this gave her time to figure out whether or not she was being lied to by this unnamed someone.

Guy Gardener wrote:
The narrative was being controlled and publicists were being paid a lot of money to control it.
OK, the press as a whole was being paid off to make us think that Voyager's ratings were going up. Frankly, this is sounding a tad paranoid to me.

Guy Gardener wrote:
Voyager was never in danger of being cancelled prematurely because Berman was still going to get paid even if there was no Star Trek.
You seem to be shooting down your own point with Berman. Voyager was in no danger of being cancelled, but yet Berman found it necessary to lie to us about Voyager's ratings.

The press in its entirety, Berman, and Kate Mulgrew are all lying to us and you are the only person that was able to figure this out! Shades of Gene Scott at his chalkboard.
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