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Re: "The Alternative Factor" - Why is it so universally hated?

I watched it again after reading through the reasons it is horrible... Yes all those reasons are very valid... But I still have fun watching it, I can't help but enjoy it. It's the cheese factor I enjoy sometimes. The idea behind the episode is great... With more work and planning could have been amazing!

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And then there's the beard. Let's not even talk about the beard.
See, for me the beard is one of the few good things about this episode.
Yes the beard pushes the limits of cheese in this! It looks like a mix between raj agul from batman with the hair of I don't even know!!

Someone mention earlier the half completed door of the ship... I thought it was more like a doorway to the other dimension than broken/unfinished prop... Ie kirk walking through it passing into good laz place..?
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