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Re: TOS Villains: Best and Worst

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1. Romulan Commander - Balance of Terror
2. Pro-Counsel - Bread and Circuses
3. Captain Ron Tracy - The Omega Glory
4. Gorn Commander - Arena
5. Anan VII - A Taste of Armageddon
Great list! I was thinking of Tracy for my own top 5, since he--as a starship captain--was a pound for pound match for Kirk in almost every way--only he was utterly malevolent.

With that said..

1. Kor - Errand of Mercy
2. Khan - Space Seed
3. Captain Tracy - The Omega Glory
4. Dr. Tristan Adams - Dagger of the Mind
5. Romulan Commander - Balance of Terror

Honorable mention:

1. Kang - Day of the Dove
2. Romulan Commander - The Enterprise Incident
3. Mirror Sulu - Mirror Mirror


1. Parman - Plato's Stepchildren. Pissy and self-absorbed is best played by Dr. Zachary Smith.

2. Sevrin - The Way to Eden. Fringe/cult leaders--not compelling. He was annoying.
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