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Re: Favourite bridge and interiors

I like the 1701 (TOS version) and 1701-D interiors for not looking like anything else on TV. People tend to criticize them, particularly the 1701-D, for "not looking realistic", or for their brighter color schemes, or whatever. But I think that's what makes them unique. It's the same as the difference between Old TARDIS and New TARDIS. The old one was an overbright plastiky-looking set, but it was iconic. It stood out. I like that about the 1701 and 1701-D bridges too. The interiors of the 1701-E or Voyager are dark, bland, almost generic science fiction spaceship sets by comparison. They're "more realistic", but they aren't nearly as cool looking IMO.

Having said all that, in terms of being realistic in the 24th century, I reckon Defiant's bridge was the one which felt the most like I'd imagine a true Starship in a true space navy being. Ward-rooms with cramped bunks, a compact-but-fully-functional bridge that was kinda like something you'd see in a submarine... Enterprise took it further, but its clear a lot of thought went into the kind of ship Defiant is.
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