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Re: Into Darkness and the novelverse [SPOILERS]

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The timeline from the Abrams-verse seems to be manipulated by something (Organians, God, Q, fate, destiny, Time Police) to being similar to the mainstream universe as much as possible.
Try telling that to 99% of the Vulcan population. Oh, wait, you can't, they're dead.

While some things are lining up with Prime, others are radically different. Even the stuff that's similar is happening years or decades earlier. The technology has gotten considerably more advanced -- ships are bigger, warp drive is far faster, etc.

As for the factor that's pushing some events to happen similarly, Orci's explanation is that it's quantum probability -- the majority of timelines tend toward the most probable events. To put it another way, there are many causative factors shaping events, and even if you change one factor, the others will still be in play and thus events may still turn out much the same, even if the details differ.

Although I don't think that can explain events happening years too early. The best hypothesis I've heard is that it's some effect of the Red Matter event that caused the timeline to branch off. Maybe it's created some kind of probabilistic bleedthrough from the Prime timeline that not only promotes similar events but accelerates them.
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