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Re: "After Earth" - Trailer (M. Night Shyamalan, Will & Jayden Smith)

So, is this also our discussion thread? Whatever, is now.

I will describe After Earth in a word: Boring. The entire movie is basically a loser teenager wandering through a jungle, constantly screwing up since his emotionally distant daddy never shows affection. The kid eventually has a blowing up spat where he cries over what he feels are mistakes, daddy gives fatherly advice, eventually there's a showdown with an alien where the kid finally finds his mojo, kills the alien and now has self confidence or something. Yeah, not really impressed with this.

Really, I was on the fence about seeing this since I generally don't care for M. Night Shyamalan movies but I do enjoy Will Smith movies. Obviously I decided to give it a shot anyway. Whatever, even Will Smith can have a stinker, I guess.

And those future accents really were distracting. Yeah, I get what they were trying to do, giving the film's world its own identity, but it just didn't work for me.
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