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Re: Fan Productions: The Next Generation?

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Hidden Frontier was a MAJOR set of fan series out of LA, but the production standards were much lower than many current TOS productions. They still released an audio episode once in a while. . They produced a 50 episode series, "Hidden Frontier" as well as several other series. This is an overview write-up about this group: . If you look at Star Trek Review's Table of Contents,, TNG/VOY/DS9 era films are called, "Silver Age" . They start at Blog 80 (which is a Dutch group) and continue through Blog 133. This listing does not include short films set in this era. I would also want to highlight Star Trek Osiris: . My favorite fan series is actually Star Trek: Intrepid, which is from this era, see . The German filmm, Digital Ghost is particularly good and available with English subtitles. Another excellent film (but which also requires subtitles) is the Czech, Metrensky Incident, . The animated series, Star Trek Time Warp, has mostly one person doing all the voices, but is well animated in 3D and well written. . Germany also offers Star Trek: The Next Animation . That should keep you entertained for a day or two!
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