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Re: A Military Star Fleet and UESPA

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UESPA was probably supposed to be a future version of NASA. Then they changed their minds and went with Starfleet. UESPA and "Earth ship" pretty much disappear in the first season and are treated like they never existed. UESPA was revived in later shows but Earth ship wasn't heard of again till Enterprise which was explicitly about an Earth ship.
I remember they tried about six or seven different names for the Enterprise's operating authority, during the early eps of TOS. Some of them sounded really corny and pulpish, like 'Star Service' and 'Space Command' and all that. UESPA wasn't much better, to be brutally honest...I greatly prefer Starfleet to any of the other names they used. Although it also works to have UESPA be something completely different, as they have since done.
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