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Re: A Military Star Fleet and UESPA

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UESPA and "Earth ship" pretty much disappear in the first season ...
The Enteprise was still being referred to as being from Earth in the last episode of the second TOS season (Assignment: Earth).

... but Earth ship wasn't heard of again till Enterprise which was explicitly about an Earth ship.
Encounter At Farpoint

Q: "Thou art directed to return to thine own solar system immediately ... Go back whence thou camest."
Picard: "Our only other option is to tuck tail between our legs and return to Earth as they demand."

Q never mentions Earth, but Picard does, the Enteprise D is from Earth.

I assume this is the quote?
SEVEN: Please identify yourselves.
KIRK: This is the United Spaceship Enterprise. I'm Captain Kirk, commanding.
SEVEN: (to the cat) Yes, I heard him, Isis. We're aboard a space vessel. From what planet?
KIRK: Earth.
The question was "What planet". Since the Enterprise was built, launched and is based on Earth, Kirk's answer is correct with out letting this stranger know about the future. "Earth ship" is a specific phrase. Mentions of "Earth" or "humans" aren't the same. Note that Kirk first IDs his ship as "United Spaceship Enterprise" not the Earth ship Enterprise.

Not seeing the phrase "Earth ship" in the TNG quote either. Which highlights how ill thought out Q's argument was. TOS established Starfleet and the UFP as being made up of multiple species and yet Q focuses on one species, the humans. What about all the other planets and species? Were they supposed to pack up and go home too? Or ignore the humans for the rest of time? Was Q going to transport Worf, Troi and the other non-humans back to their homeworlds or did he expect Picard to make a few stops on his way back to his own solar system?
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