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Re: Abrams chronology and canon questions

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It has pretty much been confirmed that Countdown, Countdown to Darkness, Ongoing and the Star Trek Video Game are canon in the Abrams-verses based on interviews with Roberto Orci.
Since when? Orci's said repeatedly over the past several years that he accepts the standard Trek policy that only onscreen material is canon. There was that one time that Anthony Pascale at TrekMovie interviewed him and basically browbeat him into agreeing that the tie-ins should be canon, and Orci said "Okay, they're canon" basically to shut him up, and then retracted it a comment the very next day.

And there are plenty of things in the Ongoing comic that have been blatantly contradicted by Into Darkness -- crewmembers dying in the first two storylines, Sulu holding the conn in a couple of storylines, Scotty continuing to develop transwarp beaming when the film said the tech was confiscated by Starfleet, etc. Countdown had some inconsistencies with the first film as well, like painting a backstory of a Nero-Spock friendship when the dialogue in the film ("He called himself Nero") suggested they'd never met before their clash at the supernova site.

I've been following some of Orci's comments on TrekMovie lately, and frankly I think people take them far too literally and seriously. I think to some extent he just plays along with others' suggestions in a "Sure, why not, whatever you say" kind of manner, rather than issuing formal declarations of official policy.

However, I was curious about the Nero mini-series. While it is based on story written for Star Trek XI, these scenes were cut and never restored. Additionally, the Klingons in these scenes don't match up to Into Darkness.
In what way? If you mean their appearance, the Klingons have had so many designs over the decades that that hardly matters.

I know Orci is credited, but it may be in the sense of the cut scenes being written by him for the movie similar to cut scenes in a novelization or the IDW adaption.
Given the inconsistencies, I suspect he basically just provides some rough outline notes and then leaves it to the comics' writer, who isn't necessarily briefed on every detail of the film.

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I Tweeted Orci and asked the very question you pose...Game or CTD first...he replied with "game first". I hope that helps!
See, what I was told earlier in another thread was that the game probably came second, because there's a gap of nearly a month between the "stardates" of CTD and STID, even though the ship is ordered to Nibiru at the end of CTD. Being diverted by a distress call as in the game would seem to be the most likely explanation for that.
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