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Re: Harry Potter question. (Spoilers likely but so what at this point)

Ah, I always have HP questions. FYI ~ I haven't read any of the books but have seen all of the movies numerous times and loved them all.

Can someone, anyone explain all of the stuff that happens in the scene in Half Blood Prince where Harry is shown Dumbledore's first meeting with Tom Riddle? The only thing I think I understood was the 7 seven stones (symbols for the horcrux'?) and the photo of the little island where Harry and Dumbledore find what they mistakenly think is one of the hocux'.

But after Dumbledore starts the magic fire in the wardrobe, how does he know that there are stolen items inside? What is the one word expletive Tom shouts after the teacher introduces Dumbledore to Tom? It sounds like "GO", or some such.

In Order of the Phoenix, what was the significance of the prophesy to Valdemort? He seems to at all times be aware that Harry is a danger and he (Valdemort) must personally kill him (and about the similarity of their wands), so what difference would his having the prophesy have made?

Thanks for any light that can be shed.
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