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Let's Discuss the Romulan Bird of Prey!

So, I've been thinking lately about the Romulan BoP and I was wondering several things about what's going on inside it's hull. I was wondering what my fellow board members thought about it.

For example, how big is this ship? The markings along the edge, if considered to be windows comparable to the Enterprise's would suggest a rim that's three decks thick. Maybe they're not windows and the ship is quite small, like the Klingon BoP from Star Trek III, IV, and VI. If they aren't windows, then what might they be?

How big a crew is there? What sort of facilities are there for them? Is the whole ship as cramped looking as the bridge we see in "Balance of Terror?" I wonder how closly riding in one of these would compare to a mid-twentieth Century diesel sub...

Do you suppose the TNG era artificial singularity power source was already in use during the 2260's?

What might the internal layout be like? Are there any small craft, like shuttles and such? Can the ship land?

And, unless it comes up organically from discusssing something else, I would consider it a kindness if we don't bring up anything about the "warp powered" vs. "Simple impulse powered" debate. That poor horse has been beat enough already....

But what thoughts do you guys have on this?

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