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Abrams chronology and canon questions

It has pretty much been confirmed that Countdown, Countdown to Darkness, Ongoing and the Star Trek Video Game are canon in the Abrams-verses based on interviews with Roberto Orci. However, I was curious about the Nero mini-series. While it is based on story written for Star Trek XI, these scenes were cut and never restored. Additionally, the Klingons in these scenes don't match up to Into Darkness. I know Orci is credited, but it may be in the sense of the cut scenes being written by him for the movie similar to cut scenes in a novelization or the IDW adaption.

Any thoughts or insights?

Also, which happens first, Countdown to Darkness or The Video Game? Both end with them being ordered to Nibiru. But CTD begins with them ordered to Phadeus and I haven't played the game. Could it be that they were ordered to Phadeus first, to drop off April second, then to Nidiru. But on the way to Nibiru they were sidetracked by the events of The Video Game? Thoughts?

Thanks and have fun,
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