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Re: ALT: Star Trek Into Darkness by A. D. Foster Review Thread (Spoile

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The comics were seeded with bits of foreshadowing for the movie, not the other way around. Given how many continuity errors there are in the comics, I really doubt that the filmmakers are paying that much attention to them at all. And there's absolutely no reason in the comic why that Bajoran woman was called Mudd; it's totally random unless it was done to tie into the already-scripted line in the movie.
But it may be possible that the idea to put in the Mudd line, and to have the Mudd character in the Countdown to Darkness comics was a change that happen late enough in the process that it didn't get incorporated into the novelization before it went to print.

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K'normians were one of the background races from ST:TMP. Beyond that, it's just a name, an indication that this was a civilian ship that wouldn't be associated with Starfleet and thus made sense to use for a covert mission.
I get that. I was just looking/hoping for a little more reasoning as to why they would use the name of that race for their cover story. Humans and Vulcans don't look that much like K'normians.

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The scene where Kirk and Spock discuss the plan for Kirk to take Khan over to the Vengeance. In the movie this plays out pretty well, with Kirk saying “I don’t know what I should do; I only know what I can do.”
I thought he said that to McCoy.
A lot of us thought that initially when watching the trailer. But in the movie it was clearly Spock that Kirk was talking to.

Christopher wrote: View Post
didn't the movie make it clear that the torpedoes were shielded against scans? That's why they had to open one up to discover what was inside. So how could Khan have scanned them?
Good point. Maybe a goof? Or maybe I'll have to re-read that to see what was mentioned in the extended explanation in the novelization.
I do remember there being some limitations to Khan's scans of the torpedoes. Like, it took time and he could only do one at a time. So he didn't bother doing them all. That's how the novelization explains how Khan missed the fact that one of the torpedoes was about to explode. [The others went by chain reaction from the one that McCoy rigged to explode.] Actually, that whole thing plays out pretty well in the novelization. There's a discussion about the odds that Khan would check the one that was rigged to explode, with a good discussion of how Spock was "playing the odds" or "playing chess" with Khan [although poker might have been a better allusion].
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