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Re: Strange Dark Matter Theory

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Maybe that should tell you something. Also, that's factually wrong, because you can: it only has to pass the peer review examination. Which is something that I doubt it will, but that's another story.
We live in a world where the most simple and prosaic act of skimming over a Wikipedia article with your morning coffee on your iPad makes you magically know more about dark matter than a physicist, more about climate change than a climate scientist, more about orbital mechanics than a rocket scientist, more about gender dysphoria than a psychologist, more about evolution than an evolutionary biologist and more about making children than the stork.

You glimpse over the article and cry “bullshit!” spilling the coffee all over your tablet. Some select individuals can achieve that after one YouTube video. That's our progress, people. We've gone far, and we'd go further. Billions of years from now, on the farthest edge of the galaxy, we would still be arguing about it.
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