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Re: "Year of Hell" Question

If they had temporal shielding, then that crewmen, crewmens (that's not right) would not have transferred through to Voayger in the next universe... The Rules from Year of Hell did not create dopplegangers. There's one one of each person, but if you're in a temporal shield when the universe switches, to the new Voyagers coupled to a new causality stream, it would seem like the crew in escape Pods had never existed.


Every universe we saw after Janeway invented temporal Shields was a universe where Voyager had never been built, and her crew had never been born (temporally assasinated sperm, and temporallying removed raw resources, mommy and daddy would still had sex at the same time but it's a different sperm and egg in play, and Voyager would have been made to the same specs but with different tritanium and plastic and linen and everything else on board the ship.)
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