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Re: Why Janeway is the Worst Star Trek Captain!

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You're refuting math with interpretation of math by individuals who would lie or repeat lies they've been told.
Our memories of what a sensation Jeri Ryan was as Seven at that time should really suffice, but in addition, we have the cast of Voyager, including Kate Mulgrew; and innumerable news agencies, including The New Your Times, who you assume can't read the Nielson ratings and interpret them properly--you are the only one with the specialized knowledge to do this. Or is it that our memories, Kate Mulgrew, and the news agencies are lying to us (as you hint above) for some nefarious reason that only you and Mel Gibson know about?
Now you're talking about "feelings"?

Just because someone had a little heroin in 1996 (not you, it's a metaphor) it doesn't mean that everyone in 1996 was high as a kite. Your personal emotional experiences (now I'm talking about you) are not part of a telepathic gestalt that unifies the emotional spectrum of mankind. You are an island.

The lie is that they didn't say that the ratings went down after they went up. It's still the truth to say that the ratings went up. But it's more complete less skeevy truth to say that the ratings went up for a week and then went down and continued to go down as time went by.

Someone told Kate the ratings went up. Then no one told her they went down, or she chose not to listen to how the ratings were going down. You gotta remember how angry Kate was at this point in her life. She liked Jennifer Lien who was fired, and after that fact she made Jeri Ryan's life HELL like a mean girl for years (look it up) with a palpable systematic regime of passive aggressive abuse. If the ratings go down, her friends get fired. She had absolutely no interest in letting any one know that the ratings are low enough to fire anyone else.

You've never heard the phrase "controlling the narrative"?

The narrative was being controlled and publicists were being paid a lot of money to control it. That's the definition of their job. To force on you beliefs which are not completely true. If you're not (collective you, talking about mankind.) susceptible to coercion and adjustment then TV adverts might as well pack it in.

You were aware of Berman's 10 year contract?

From 1996 to 2005 Rick Berman was paid between 10 and 15 million (bonuses are variable.) per year to oversee all Star Trek, no matter how little or how much Star Trek was being made.

Voyager's season one ratings were comparable to TNG. It's season three ratings were comparable to a wet fart. Voyager was never in danger of being cancelled prematurely because Berman was still going to get paid even if there was no Star Trek and there's no frakking way that they were going to pay him to lolly about for the next 7 years with his thumb up his ass. What was most likely in danger come 1997/8 when they fired Lien and brought in Jeri was Berman's bonuses which had to be tied to Voyagers ratings, DS9's rating and the boxoffice on the shitty movies he was making.

(I suppose they could have cancelled Voyager, and given DS9 another 5 years, but they would have had to write new contracts for everyone which would have screwed with the budget. The point remains, why pay a man 10 million dollars a year to do nothing?)

Rick was still being paid this magnificent salary for the dribble over between the cancellation of Enterprise and when they confirmed that his contract was not going to get renewed for another ten years... But they could not allow him to begin any new projects they had no intention of following through on as he could screw them on good faith claiming that he should be allowed to finish making any series 6 they had allowed him to see into preproduction.

Whatever happened to Rick Berman?

Kate is just an actress. For a living this woman is paid to say things that are not true with conviction. Why is it so hard to believe that she could be mistaken that it was the right thing to do and the best thing ever to fire Jennifer Lien?

Jennifer would have killed the show.

If Jennifer stayed, the series would have been cancelled and Wang would have been living in a card board box inside a month.

Jennifer is evil.

Jennifer is evil and Jeri saved Star Trek Voyager from Jennifer's evil.
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